Il Corridore/ The Runner

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A film by Paolo Casalis & Stefano Scarafia
52' ITA (Eng, Fra, Spa Subs)

Marco Olmo is a living legend of extreme running. He became late, when the others started to stop.
In his “previous lives”, as he says, he has been a farmer, a truck driver, than a workman in his village’s cement plant.
For twenty years he has worked in a quarry on his family’s land, just where there was his native house, sold before he was employed.
Running has became his reason for living, the way to take revenge on his hard destiny.
At the age of 60 he has became World Champion winning the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, the hardest and most important endurance race in the world, over twenty hours of uninterrupted running, 167 km (over 100 miles) around the tallest mountain in Europe.
An almost unimaginable race, where mental and physical training and personal motivations are fundamental.
Despite age, physical problems and always younger and more prepared opponents, he doesn’t want to stop. With his wife Renata’s help he prepares for a year, to face the new edition of the race that made him champion. This competition could become the last of his entire career.
Marco must win, to show himself that he can still do it.

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