Slide 1 jFlow Plus Davide Rebellin
40 years old, last year he returned to victory against all odds.
But after the scandal of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, when he was forced
to return his silver medal,for many his name only represents
the dark side of cycling, doping. Read More!
Slide 3 jFlow PlusIgnazio Moser
Son of Francesco Moser, Ignazio is a young rider full of strength and dreams, Paris-Roubaix, the legendary road race in northern France.
His father, a constant reference and point of comparison for him,
won Paris-Roubaix three years consecutively. Read More!
Slide 4 jFlow PlusGianni Mura
The "suiveur", a well-known italian journalist who every year, since the 60's,
writes his Tour de France chronicles. From there, he will provide us the keys of interpretation of this sport. Read More!
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Fans and fan clubs willing to follow their idol everywhere, ready to shout for his victories and to soothe his defeat. In particular, we will follow the mythical "El Diablo", a german fan wearing his red devil costume and painting trident symbols on the road some miles before he appears. Read More!


El Diablo

We've decided to follow Didi Senft, better know as "El Diablo", who since the 90's wears wears his red devil costume and trident on the roads of the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and many other international races roads.
Our decision originated from the consideration that during the years, "El Diablo" has become a real icon of this sport: from the Pantani era, Armstrong or Evans ones, he is always been there, to share with us his joy, his passion and why-not also some of his madness.
So, Today, El Diablo is a star by himself , in this film we've borrowed Didi Senft story to tell you about the funny side of the coloured and enthusiast group of the cycling fans.
They can be passionate, spontaneous, enthusiastic, tidy, sometimes drunk or chaotic, but they are really many, and you will find them anywhere and everywhere.
This is the incredible world of cycling events’ fans probably the only not-paying spectators (until now!) in the whole sports world.
Cycling fans can enphasize both race and racers emotions : without their warm participation, cycling exploits would be just poor and cold events, without witnesses,.. and without heart.


Other Characters

Francesco Moser - One of the most successful riders in cycling history, he's a great and continuous inspiration and precious advice source to his son, Ignazio

Cadel Evans - International star, first Australian rider who won the Tour de France, in 2011.
Gedeone Rebellin - Davide Rebellin's father, who transmitted him his cycling great passion, buying his son his first bike, when he was a very young boy.
Françoise - Davide Rebellin's girlfriend. She played a key role in Davide's return to races and victories
Marco Milesi - Ignazio Moser's team Manager


Watching this film is easy, cheap and safe!

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  • Two days with the Moser's

    We've been in Trento, at Villa Moser, to meet Ignazio and Francesco Moser.
    While Ignazio is attending his first year as in the Elite category, Francesco Moser is an appreciated wine producer.
    See and read more of these days with a family who represent the history of cycling.
    (read more)

  • Interview with Gianni Mura

    Gianni Mura in one of the most famous italian sportive journalist.
    Since 1967 ,every year he follows the Tour de France.
    His articles are note pure chronicle: he loves to talk about epic gestures,about sentiments and poetry, about food and human stories.
    (read more)

  • Focus on Davide Rebellin

    Nicknamed "the altar boy" for his church participation as a child and for the appearance of absolute calm and innocence, for almost twenty years Davide Rebellin has been one of the most determined, aggressive and successful riders in the bunch.
    (read more)

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