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Un film di Paolo Casalis
In lavorazione / in uscita nel 2018
Sito Web

An all-refugee national football team competes in the World Cup to break the indifference on Darfur humanitarian crisis.

In 2004 Gabriel Stauring, founder of N.G.O. I-ACT, is among the firsts to move to Africa - always with his camera in his hand- to help the thousands of refugees from Darfur.
Eight years after, Gabriel realizes that nobody is any longer interested in his mission.
What could he do, to capture YOUR attention?
In 2012, he creates "Darfur United", a soccer team made of young refugees living in the camps of Chad, representing an unexisting state.
"These are not refugees", Gabriel provokes, "don't look at them as refugees, this is Just Football".
And it works!
For the first time, people and media give attention to them. Moubarag and Ismail, who were part of the team who competed in the World Cup for un-recognized nations, now live in Sweden. Tthey asked asylum after having escaped during a tounament, today they're trying to complete a long and complex path, from refugees to citizens.

Not (A refugee story) Just Football.

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