Paolo Casalis
Bio, Food, Wine, Langhe
English, Hebrew, Croatian
Stuffilm Creativeye
Produzioni Fuorifuoco

Three characters, three stories of "heretics", three food producers who think in a different way to describe the transformation of our Country in what in “Langhe Doc” Giorgio Bocca calls the Italy of warehouses.
We're in Langhe, a unique territory, universally recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Italy, fresh candidate for Unesco World Heritage but afflicted by uncontrolled economic development, urbanization, overbuilding, abandonment of the less profitable areas.
Those of Maria Theresa, Silvio and Mauro are stories of people who have insight into a future they do not like and have chosen to refuse it.
Their challenges are still open, they're not yet fully met and perhaps they never will: these heretics move in one direction, while the world moves in another, quite the opposite one.

Langhe Doc Film, Still 1
Langhe Doc Film, Still 2 - Maria Teresa Mascarello
Langhe Doc Film, Still 3 - Bartolo Mascarello
"In the short space of my long life, Italy has changed in a terrifying way.
It’s all a race against time, we have to become civilized before the disaster is complete.
We must see if we’ll arrive in time to save this landscape, I think we’ve already largely destroyed it.
Per me in gran parte l’abbiamo già distrutto.

- Giorgio Bocca in Langhe Doc

Official Selection For David Di Donatello 2012;
Winner Of Valsusa Filmfest 2011;
Winner Of Sardinian Sustainability Film Festival;
Special Mention At Festival Delle Terre 2011;
Prize Of The Public Corto E Fieno 2012;
Official Selection For:
Mefest 2013, Serbia;
Docaviv Festival, Tel Aviv;
Focus Italia In Uruguay;
Kinookus (Croatia);
Jahorina Festival, Bosnia;
Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto Festival;
Scanno Natura Doc;
Piemonte Movie;
Euganea Film Festival;
Epizephiry Film Festival;
The Village Doc Festival Milano;
Terra Di Tutti Film Festival Bologna;
Moffe Film Festival 2013;
Rendez-Vous Du Cinéma Italien", Montreal, Canada;

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