Why I lost my job to save 5 tons of CO2
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Paolo Casalis
biography, road-movie, climate change
Produzioni Fuorifuoco
Produzioni Fuorifuoco

is the second chapter of The Apocalypse Trilogy
(The Preacher, The Researcher, The Survivors

“After refusing to fly, climate researcher loses his job.”
Below the headline is a selfie of a 50-year-old man aboard a pirogue plying the sea of the tropics, his intellectual goggles contrasting with his Indiana Jones hat.
By the time the news detonates globally from the pages of The Guardian and The New York Times on Oct. 13, 2023, Prof. Gianluca Grimalda, an environmental researcher at Germany’s Kiel University, has been involved in filming for “The Researcher” for a year.
To reach Papua New Guinea, the site of his research, Grimalda had traveled for 45 days, filming the 23,000 kilometers he traveled and the dozens of trains, buses, trucks, cabs, ferries and cargo ships that, emitting ten times less than a single, comfortable air trip, saved him 3.5 tons of CO2.
And when, after six months of research in the remotest villages of New Guinea, the university intimates that he must return to his professorship within five days (i.e., by implication, get on a plane) he says no, becoming the first worker fired for refusing to fly.
An environmental activist and member of Scientist Rebellion, Grimalda gave up everything - an enviable career and salary, a girlfriend, family affections, and a job he loved beyond all else - to raise the alarm about the now desperate condition of the planet, to provide an example and, perhaps, a possible way out.
In this film of travel, of adventures, of individual moral principles and universal crisis, there is undoubtedly something crazy.
Whether it is the story of “The Researcher”, or the everyday behavior of its viewers, it remains to be determined.

Below: Gianluca Grimalda had launched a crowdfunding campaing to continue doing research & travel low-carbon to Papua. We're happy to share his initiative: you can help him with a little donation on Ko-FI (read all details and conditions here).

  • With:

    Gianluca Grimalda
    Gianluca Grimalda

    THE RESEARCHER is the second chapter of The Apocalypse Trilogy: The Preacher, The Researcher, The Survivors
  • The author would like to thank Gianluca Grimalda
    - for his enthusiastic participation in the project
    - for the commitment with which he learned, from scratch, how to make video footage and content, equipping himself with tools and technical knowledge
    - for the trust and total openness to his own most personal and intimate dimension
    - for the perseverance and involvement with which he made hundreds of hours of footage
    Without the work, passion and dedication of Gianluca Grimalda, this film simply would not have been possible

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"Married you have a sorrow, to never feel any sweetness that is not everyone's".

- David Maria Turoldo

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